10 Tips for a Better Morning

It’s the beginning of the week. AGAIN. I know. It sucks, as usual. But did you know that the way you spend your morning sometimes sets the mood for your entire day? We have all had those mornings where everything that could go wrong, did! You pressed snooze four too many times, got toothpaste on your skirt while desperately trying to rush, spilled coffee all over everything, low-key slipped and almost fell walking out the door, didn’t have enough time to eat, and ended being late af for work.

Not regular, “oh it’s just 10 minutes! No big deal” late. Like, “if my boss sees me walking in like this, I’m gonna have to tell her someone died” kind of late.

These mornings are no fun. Usually, the rest of the day continues that way, unfortunately. Why? because we set the mood for our entire day in the morning. You’re probably thinking, “Wait. But all that wasn’t my fault” right?” Wrong. The reason our mornings end up that way is because we either don’t care or we did not prepare! We, as women, have a lot on our plates! We have a lot of responsibilities sometimes. In order for us to do everything effectively and efficiently, we have to properly take care of ourselves, our bodies and our well-being before we can work for, clean up after, or take care of anyone else.

In order to live a fulfilling life and live life intentionally, we must first set out to be intentional! Want to have a great Monday unlike all other Mondays? Change up your routine! Do something different that is going to help your day, and your week for that matter, get off to a great start!

If you are tired of screaming into a pillow on Sunday night dreading the morning, you need this list. There is a better way to live. YOLO, right? So why would we want to waste the limited and uncertain number of days we have on this Earth in a rush, barely making it, and dreading the next one??? I don’t know about you boo, but that doesn’t sound like living to me.

So here are 10 tips to consider for a better morning. A better day. A better week. A better life!  



  1. Plan to get enough zzzzzzz’s.
    • Do you actually LIKE being 75% dead at work in the morning? We can keep this from happening by getting enough sleep the night before. 7-9 hours to be exact. Some people can get by with less. So, whatever is a good number for you not to doze off every time you are alone at your desk is a fair shot! (Disclaimer: sometimes these mornings are inevitable, like when you just got home at 4am from drinking all night with your girlfriends and forgetting what time it was. It happens. You reserve the right to be dead af at work IF and ONLY IF your night was that amazing lol. Everything in moderation).
  2. Stop eating 2 hours before bed.
    • I know that some people say that eating something carb-heavy before bed is good for you and can help you sleep. But, lets be real. It makes you feel heavy, bloated, and unsightly when you wake up. That’s the last thing we want when trying get dressing in the morning. Not cute. So stop eating at least 2 hours before you go to bed. That’s if you can help it. Again. in moderation.
  3. Prep for a successful morning.
    • In order to have a successful morning and day, we should plan, plan, plan! It will help! Set out your clothes for the next day. Prep a healthy breakfast so you can just grab it in the morning. Make your kids’ lunches at night. Pick out your workout clothes and put them where you can see them when you wake up. Just do something that will make your morning run smoother. Trust me. This is a tip you DON’t want to skip.
  4. Stop staring at your phone about an hour before bed.
    • We all know this isn’t good for us period. So, it actually can be extremely disruptive to our sleep when we are staring into our phone up until we close our eyes. And we need our beauty rest. So, as hard as this may be (believe me, I know), we should attempt to put our phones down a little bit before bed. I’ve tried it. You will just think so much clearer.
  5. Turn up the AC. No really. Turn it up. Or down?… You know what I mean. Just make it colder.
    • So this is a really cool fact. The colder the temperature is when you sleep, the more calories you burn during sleep. You body has to work in overdrive to keep itself at the temperature it should remain at. So if you sleep in the cold, your metabolism will get a boost and you can also pass on a hot, sweaty night while you’re at it. (Same goes for water. Drinking cold water boosts your metabolism as well)



  1.  Attempt to wake up at least 60-90 minutes before any timely obligations.
    • Okay, okay. This is sooo much easier said than done. But we can all admit rushing is the worst. Try to give yourself some time to unwind, eat, take care of responsibilities, or whatever in the morning. If you got enough sleep, this will be so refreshing.
  2. Lay in bed for 5 minutes after waking and just chill.
    • Literally just lay there. Breathe. Pray. Meditate. Think. Stretch. Whatever will get you calm and ready to take on the day. I try to do this every morning. It’s hard sometimes when your alarm clock is an actual mini human who wants you up immediately. But, nonetheless, I try lol.
  3. Hydrate and eat as soon as you wake (and enjoy in natural lighting).
    • How do you make time to eat in the morning, you may ask? Eat as soon as you wake up. Not only will this give your metabolism a boost, but you won’t be hangry (angry because you’re hungry) all morning until lunch. Win Win. Some sunlight will help you feel alert too.
  4. Get in a workout, if you can manage!
    • Working out first thing in the morning has a magical effect on your day. I puts you in a good mood and motivates you to make healthy choices throughout the day. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes, I promise you’ll feel like a boss afterwards.
  5. Spend at least 10-20 minutes pampering yourself before your day starts!
    • Take the time out to make yourself look and feel good!!! Pick out an outfit that flatters your body and makes you feel unstoppable. Wing out your liner and add a few more steps to your daily beauty routine. Do something out of the ordinary to make you feel good. Because when we look good, we feel good!

Now I’m not saying you should try all these tips at once! Or do try all at once if you’re ’bout that life. But if you want better days and you want to enjoy life instead of unconsciously rush through it, take baby steps and consider switching up your morning routine. I PROMISE you won’t regret it!

What other tips do you have for a successful morning?



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