DIY: Gold Spray Paint Accents and Art

Let’s talk DIY! We all want our homes to look how we want it to, right? We have different styles and different preferences when it comes to decor, but lets face it, sometimes we are on an IKEA budget when we really want higher end items. So what do you do when you have expensive taste on a major budget? You have to get creative!

I, personally, love gold accents in my home. I see myself transforming into a chrome girl later in life, but for now, it’s gold all the way. One way to bring that extra flare into your home is to add those metallic accents.

You can use anything that you already have to give it a quick-fix makeover! Thrifting is a great idea too when you need a new piece for the coffee table or a new frame for your artwork. You can choose small animals fixtures, crystal bowls, picture frames, magnets, over-sized letters, etc. to spray paint what every metallic you want. Just make sure not to go overboard! Metallic colors are meant to accent, not to be overbearing. So leave the spray painting to smaller objects that you can scatter throughout your home.




Another thing that you can do to add a personal touch to your home using spray paint is to create your own artwork! Even if you are not extremely artistic, it does not take much to grab some paint and spray paint to make an abstract accent piece for your foyer or living room. You can either use old artwork and turn it into something new and fresh, or you could buy fresh canvas’ from your local art supply store and start from scratch.

Spray painting may seem like easy work, but it actually can be done right. When I first started doing spray paint projects, those coats were uneven, let me tell you. It wasn’t pretty.

Here are just a few tips to consider before taking on a small or large scale spray paint job:

  • Cover the floor/ground first! You do not what paint all over your hardwood or carpet. Impossible to get out.
  • If painting indoors, open windows and let in fresh air while painting and during drying.
  • Spray at least 12 inches away from the object you are painting to ensure you get an even coat.
  • Apply at least 2 even coats to all surfaces.
  • Wear gloves!!! It is so hard to get spray paint off of your fingers once it’s packed on there. Do yourself a favor and buy disposable gloves while spraying.
  • Have a preconceived idea of what feeling or design you are going for when creating artwork. Though it is still abstract, it may help to know what direction you want to go in (Example: stroked or splattered paint, use of other accent colors, ethnic or classy feel, etc).




Refridgerator Magnets

Below are a few pieces that I created over the past year:











Happy Spray Painting Ladies!

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