Finding Your Home Decor Style

Figuring out what your personal style (fashion-wise) is hard enough. But when it comes to home, we may  have to dibble and dabble in a little of everything to finally find our perfect home decor style. There are so many different home decor styles and preferences that you can be! You can even be a combination of multiple ones. I define my style as eclectic glam. This means that I have a mix of different pieces but everything has a “glam” feel to it. I like to mix vintage with modern pieces, but I’m also sure to keep a steady flow of metallics and glamorous textures consistently throughout my home. Also, for me, black and white with a pop of color is the perfect combo any month of the year.

So here is a list of 10 decor styles and some examples of each.

Hopefully it can help you decide yours:

  1. Eclectic – This style is essentially a melting pot. Mix unexpected textures, colors and patterns. Also, for those who love to mix vintage pieces with fresh, modern ones. The eclectic decorator has a true imagination on her!
    Eclectic Bedroom


  2. Full on Glam – Mirrors, sparkle, faux fur textures, shiny metallics and over-sized art. Hollywood all the way!

    Glam Living Room
  3. Traditional – Known for creating a clam atmosphere. Decor is very sophisticated and orderly, and inspired by 18th and 19th century furnishings. Colors and fabrics are neutral and muted.
    Traditional Living Room


  4. Ethnic – Could be Asian, African, Moroccan or Bohemian Inspired. This style is a lover of all things traditionally ethnic and cultural. It can get pretty colorful in these homes.

    Ethnic Bedroom
Bohemian Living Room


5. Modern – Minimal design and an absence of decoration. Focus is on streamlined furniture and a neutral color palette. Expect large, geometric shapes and a very polished feel.


Modern Living Room


6. Vintage – The vintage inspired woman is a lover of thrift shops and hunting in her grandmothers garage. Her home is filled with historical pieces and old fashioned colors and textures. She brings it all together to create a great space, rooted in the past.


Feminine Vintage Bedroom
Feminine Vintage Bedroom


7. Feminine/Shabby Chic – Soft and Girly at its best. Chic rooms are clean, organized, and quite feminine. The chic decorator loves soft, pastel colors, soft textures, and a clean palette.


Shabby Chic Room
Shabby Chic Room


8. Minimalist – Self explanatory. Minimal. Everything. This woman does not need much and is her best when things are completely clean, organized, and minimal. This style has an absence of decorations, but includes many clean statement pieces.


Minimalist Living
Minimalist Living


9. Coastal – This style is deeply inspired by the ocean and coastal cities. Get used to many, many shades of blue.


Coastal Living Room


10. Contemporary – Usually has clean lines, and somewhere you may find a very boldly colored accent piece. Overall color scheme is neutral and muted.


Contemporary Room
Contemporary Room


Don’t forget, you can mix and match any of these and make your home look like it belongs in a HGTV gallery.

So what’s your home decor style???


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