How To Glam Up Any Space

Okay, so I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with everything glam. My home, which I love more than I love chocolate, is glammed up from the flo up! Being a woman who appreciates simplicity and elegance, sometimes glam accents are needed to add spice and interest to rooms that naturally would not have any. I am going to give you guys some tips to GLAM UP any space in your home. Rather you need a full makeover and want to use all the tips, or you just need a couple pointers to make your life more fabulous: these tips are for you, girl! Read on…

  1. Add white string lights.

Okay, okay, they’re Christmas lights. I know. But please believe there are multiple purposes for everything! Stringing all white (please no multi-colored lights or green cords. PLEASE) lights or a whimsical version of them over a ladder, window or even bed frame could not only add extra lighting, but add a whimsical, glamorous and warm feel to any room.



  1. Add a metallic touch

Have you ever noticed that when gold or silver accents are added to a room, suddenly the glam radar goes through the roof? Well there’s a reason. Sparkle is important when glamming up, but the RIGHT kind of sparkle. Before you go uncontrollably sprinkling glitter and confetti across the room, pay attention. All you need are metallic accents. A candle holder, an artistic accent piece, a book holder, a throw basket, or even office supplies. Just don’t go overboard. In this case, a little can go a long way!



  1. Declutter

There’s nothing that ruins a room more than clutter! It just makes you feel down and out. We don’t want to feel like that. Ever. So, clean out your space! A good way to do this is to get and stay organized. Create a filing system do get rid of clutter on tables and desk. Invest in a metallic colored basket strictly for neatly rolled throws and pillows. Spray paint cups or vases and use them to organize knick-knacks like office supplies, straws or even jewelry. A little organization can open your space up and add glamour and sophistication without a lot of effort.


  1. Add candles and dim lighting (see #1)

Candles are the epitome of sexy and glam. I have so many candles in my home that I’m legit surprised it hasn’t burned down. Whether you want to set the mood for an evening with bae, or if you just want a relaxing atmosphere while you write or work at your desk, lit candles will make you feel oh so glamorous.



  1. Over-sized art (bonus if it includes metallic accents)

Art is a great way to add dimension and an expensive feel to a room. Especially when the art is over-sized. Over-sized art makes a room feel bigger when paired with smaller accents. Just make sure your over-sized pieces are not too busy. And if they are, make sure the rest of the space is as simplistic as possible. Too much=less glam=tacky af. I’m just saying.


  1. Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

Add an over-sized mirror to a room when you want it to feel bigger. Place this mirror opposite a window (natural light) to increase lighting and space in a room. But, you can also add smaller accent mirrors to glam up a space. There’s something about mirrors that makes a room feel more expensive. That’s what we are going for. Classy, expensive and glamorous. Leaning mirrors are amazing as accents in a fab glam home. So retire your old Family Dollar door mirror – those days are over and you are a grown ass woman. Go treat yourself to a leaning mirror. Bonus glam points if its metallic! Thank me later.


  1. Stick to a minimal, muted color scheme (NO bright neons allowed!)

This tip may just be the most important. Ladies, let’s leave the hot pink, neon green, and bright orange in the days of blue eye shadow, butterfly hair clips and Spice Girl Barbies. We are better than that. Let’s say that together: WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT. To ensure your space is glammed up right, make sure your color scheme is muted and minimal. Muted meaning neutral, dark or pastel colors. Minimal meaning one to three colors/shades. You can always add pops of color. I promise you will feel so much classier and sophisticated in the end.


  1. Add plush accents

Adding a furry pillow, a faux sheepskin rug or even a plush faux fur throw can add so much glam to a space. Drape the rug over the back of a chair, or drape the throw blanket over your couch or bottom of a bed. This touch is guaranteed to serve instant glam.


Now go treat yourself girl. You’re worth it.

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