Let’s Talk: Single Motherhood

So this post is really just an introduction to the HUGE topic of single motherhood. For the ladies that are or have been a single mother, we know that this is THE hardest job in the world. Okay, motherhood period is the hardest job on Earth, but most people could admit that having to do that job without the consistent help of a partner is quite difficult.

The emotions associated with motherhood are overwhelming in and of themselves. So, naturally, they are amplified when you take the partnership of parenting out of it.

It. Is. Hard. Af. I’m Just Saying.

I’m sure a lot of us could say that we wish someone would have told us exactly what motherhood entails. I, personally, wish someone would have laid out the details for me. Not that I wouldn’t have chosen to go on with my pregnancy had I known what I was getting myself into, but I just would’ve LOVED to know ahead of time exactly what was about to happen to my life!

I mean I was clearly unprepared! The mere thought of not being able to take a shower without a little kid hanging around at the door or not being able to make a 2am run to get chips from the gas station is overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, these babies are amazing and the moments we share with them are magical and despite our many complaints, we low-key wish they would last forever. But when we have these babies, we are pretty much giving up a level of freedom that adulthood naturally rewards us. We may feel robbed, swindled or down-right lied to. Especially when we are expected to do it all on our own.

We will talk about just about every topic related to motherhood, in particular, single motherhood. Sometimes we feel so alone in this journey; we feel like it’s just us and our babies against the world. But there are so many of us going through the same things, experiencing the same emotions (good and bad), crying ourselves to sleep, missing our former lives, showering our kids with love we barely have to give, raising our kids without a set of rules, pondering if we are emotionally screwing up a human being, and wondering if there is a woman out there feeling the exact same thing at that very moment.

Lets use this space to discuss these things and create a community of women who understand each other, can relate to each others’ lives, and can give comfort and support where it is truly needed.


Let us know in the comments what topics you want to read about and discuss!



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Maya is the founder of FabFineandFree.com and Fab Fine & Free GLAM Services. She is a mother, pizza-eater and a lover of life. She currently resides in St. Louis, MO.

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  1. Hi Maya Amirah,
    Great post. I am sure many women can relate to this journey you are courageously on. Stay in the race littke mother! You’re doing well!

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