Street Style: Tips to Look Chic & Polished Everyday

It’s Fashion Friday ladies! Sometimes it will be Fitness Friday, but not today lol. Today we are going to touch on street style!

When we go out, we want to look our best! I know what you’re thinking… Who feels like doing the most on a normal day? Well there are many reasons why you should want to look your best every damn day! For one, to FEEL GOOD!!! When we look good, we feel good!

We love searching Pinterest for street style ideas and we love what we find, but sometimes its overwhelming to think about putting a stylish outfit together for ourselves. Sometimes it turns into a hot mess. I’m just sayin’. So, here are some quick tips to look chic, polished and fashionable in your everyday street style: its not as hard as it looks, so lets make this easy! These tips include items you probably already have in your closet!

These are tips you can use when you are hitting a last-minute movie, running to the mall, or just going to the grocery store…

Never underestimate a T-shirt and jeans! NEVER!

Sometimes all you really need to look fresh and chic in the streets is a clean black or white t-shirt and jeans! Jeans can be boyfriend, skinny, straight, or whatever your little heart desires! Just make sure it flatters your body type and is a great fit! Bring a jacket along also!

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via Style Pantry


Leather is your best friend.

Whether it is summer, spring, winter, or fall, leather should ALWAYS have a place in your wardrobe if you want to blend in among the chic and fashionable!

It can be utilized as shorts, a bag, jacket, shoes or a belt. But, it is sure to give your outfit the extra edge it needs to stand out in a crowd.

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Throw a jacket over your shoulders instead of wearing it.

This a way to look INSTANTLY chic and stylish. When you wear your jacket over your shoulders, you won’t look crazy on hotter days; you’ll look chic and prepared! It just makes you look cooler. Don’t ask me why. It just does. Try it!

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via Gabi Fresh

Add a pop of color if you want to add interest!

To give a little punch to your t-shirt and jeans, add some color! Either a cover up, a bag, or a shoe will do! This will liven up your outfit without doing too much. It’s not needed, but it can help in certain cases!

Via Style Pantry

Wear simple accessories.

Choose simple jewelry to pair with your outfit. A simple watch, a few rings, and maybe even just ear studs or simple hoops will do. Also, bring chic sunglasses, sunshine or not!

Chic street style experts are not a huge fans of statement jewelry. But, if you do opt for a statement piece while running errands, WEAR ONLY THAT PIECE! Either way, a little goes a long way!

walk in wonderland
via Walk in Wonderland

Put those unworn heels in your closet to good use! (But always bring a chic alternative)

No, you don’t HAVE to rock heels everyday to look chic! I mean if you can, then my all means girl, wear them! We buy so many heels then never wear them or only wear them when we are going out on the town. We can wear those babies on normal days!

If you aren’t a fan of wearing your heels all day, only wear them if you are going to be sitting (like a meeting, brunch, happy hour or dinner) and bring an alternative for walking and running errands. OR wear your flats the entire time! Either works! Its all up to you! You will STILL look well-put-together.

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Hope you can use these tips to make your everyday street style even more chic, polished and stylish! ‘Cuz we all deserve to look and feel great, everyday! Just like the women we see online.

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